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I Reclaimed My Life!

After Amino Acids.

After Amino Acids.

Shelly Jo and her hypno aminos are, quite literally, life changing. Several months after being released from a psychiatric hospital for an attempted suicide was when I first heard about amino acids from her at an Energy Healing Conference. I didn't know much about them, and didn't know how much they could actually help me. I had been struggling with my ever-changing list of medications and not feeling myself, and although I did see some of the potential these amino acids could have, I decided to hold off on trying them. It wasn't until a couple of months later that my mom encouraged me to give them a try. After meeting Shelly Jo and taking the Hypno Aminos for herself, she saw them make a huge impact in her life. Because of this and having seen my struggles with mental health and the medications I was on, she saw the benefit that these amino acids could have for me. She was right! Over several more months and with the help of my psychiatrist, therapist, and Shelly Jo, I was able to reclaim my life and be free from any medications. I am now able to keep my anxiety and major depression in check because of these amino acids. Shelly Jo has been an incredible source of education, wisdom, strength and friendship. No support team is complete without her and her Hypno Aminos! - Kailee

From Bad Place to Safe Place

I had the fortune of meeting Shelly Jo through my wife while I was in the midst of terrible depression and anxiety, just a few days before I was on the verge of suicide and I needed help. I have never before experienced Hypnotherapy and I was scared of what I was going to discover about myself with a session with Shelly Jo. However, I knew that she was a safe place to allow myself to be open after talking with her; with very little promptings, she knew which path to pursue and worked with Christ in helping me see myself from within and helped me bring His healing inside my mind and heart. Shelly Jo is very gifted and truly cares. — Joe

Amino Acids Really Work!

I am healing from a negative relationship and I am moving into a positive life. I would love to share something with you that is starting to change a lot of negative things in my life. Shelly Jo Spinden Wahlstrom is a licensed hypnotherapist and she works in Amino Acids for therapeutic benefit. I have just started taking the Amino Acids and I am starting to see and feel a difference. I used to have to have 1 liter of Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper a day. Now 1 12 ounce can lasts me all day. I don’t crave or need the caffeine or the sugar. I can go all day being calm and not on edge. It really does work. She is amazing and so knowledgeable. — Autie

Son Overcame Sleeping Anxiety

My son overcame sleep anxiety through hypnotherapy. My 12 year old son has had anxiety for his entire life. We have tried 4 different medications with some working for a short while and some never helping. But, either way, we have always come back to the conclusion that nothing permanently has really helped until we came to Shelly. With her hypnotherapy session and amazing personalized CD that was sent home with us, he has been sleeping through the night with no night anxiety spiking up. His CD helps him peacefully fall asleep as well as his deep breathing techniques. We love Shelly and are grateful for our peaceful nights now. — Sarah

Weight Release Works!

I signed up for Shelly Jo's Weight Release class. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, and didn't know that I could be hypnotized. However, Shelly was very friendly and ensured us that we could all be hypnotized. She taught us several tools to help us learn how to be successful. There is no extreme dieting or unhealthy changes. The changes you make are healthy for your body and your mind. Shelly helps you love yourself and teaches you the power of positive thinking and how loving yourself matters. Then, under hypnosis, she helps you get to the root problem as to why you are not losing weight. Shelly has helped me from being sedentary and having a powerless/paralyzed feeling to being active everyday. I lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks, and lost 1 1/2/ inches on my stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs. This is amazing after being told that because I have hypothyroidism, I wouldn't be able to lose weight. My weight loss has continued after the class was over. I feel great, and I am excited for each day! - Shawnalee

Working with Shelly Jo Over Skype was Awesome!

It really felt like we were in the same room together rather than one of us being in Utah and one of us being in Arizona. The sound and picture were great, and it was easy for me to relax and respond to her voice even through the computer. Shelly Jo is amazing at what she does and is just a natural at it. Her explanation at the beginning of the session of how everything was going to work helped me to understand and feel comfortable with the process. Together we discovered some things that were not what I expected! I am really looking forward to using the guided imagery audio that she is making just for me, so that I can solidify the things we worked on improving and make them permanent. So no matter where in the world you are, you can expect to have a great hypnotherapy session with Shelly Jo! - Jen

I Loved Doing a Session with Shelly

She is amazing. I have had other therapists, but with Shelly Jo Hypno, I make huge progress with each session. Fixing, not simply discussing, my erroneous feelings and beliefs about myself and life is so powerful. She also takes the time that is needed. There's never any feeling of being rushed through a session. She truly loves her clients and has found her mission in life in helping others find peace, happiness, and change. I'm so happy to have her as my hypnotherapist and friend! - Nicole

Peace After Miscarriage. Joy in Pregnancy.

Shelly Jo helped me find peace with a miscarriage that I went through a few years ago and then got pregnant again and I was very anxious and worried that something would go wrong. She helped me to enjoy every stage of my pregnancy and also find comfort the whole time until I was able to deliver my beautiful daughter. - S. Elaine

My Healing Journey and the Miracle of Hypnotherapy

I have begun a healing journey. Today, with the help of Shelly Jo Spinden Wahlstrom, and the miracle of Hypnotherapy, I was able to go back to a shame event, I was able to see a very young me, and I was able to see the event from a third party viewpoint. I was able to communicate with my younger self. I was able to see my dad from a viewpoint that only life experiences could have given me. This journey allowed me to finally understand my dad's perspective and view the event from his point of voew. This event now hold no more trauma, and I realize that it honestly wasn't my fault. It simply was one person's attempt to single me out because I was different. I am stronger because I survived the event. And, because of the event I am a better man with a big loving heart - Autie

Feeling Calm Working With Shelly Jo

Shelly is great to work with. She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She made me feel comfortable the whole time. I have noticed I don't have as much anxiety since working with her. I would definitely recommend her - Chrissy

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“If you have a problem you don’t care to fix, just let it go.          If you have a problem you can fix on your own, then fix it. If you have a problem you’ve been dealing with and just aren’t able to fix it or have tried other things that just didn’t work, Please call me and I’d be happy to help you.”— Shelly Jo

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