Whether yours is out-of-control weight gain, smoking, mental health issues, day trading, stress, sleep, energy, cravings, or addiction, to name a few, it’s time to


Weight gain can be frustrating. It can feel like being on a roller coaster. Up and Down and Up and Down!

It could be caused by hormones, emotions, cravings due to low neurotransmitters, nutrition and vitamin deficiency, or a combination of all of them.


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Session Pricing

FREE 15 min Consultation. Call 801-643-3211  

Single Single Session: $149.99

  • 1st session last approximately 1.5 hours

Package (4 Sessions): $499.99 You'll receive the best results through 4 sessions which include:

  • Amino Acid Therapy,
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Hypnotherapy - to Balance the Brain
  • Nourish the Body and Release Negative thoughts and Emotions  

45-60 Minute Amino Acid Assessment Program $99.99

You Decide - Let it Go, Fix it or Call me

“If you have a problem you don’t care to fix, just let it go.          If you have a problem you can fix on your own, then fix it. If you have a problem you’ve been dealing with and just aren’t able to fix it or have tried other things that just didn’t work, Please call me and I’d be happy to help you.”— Shelly Jo

If you are ready to MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE, whether it be for weight, smoking, test taking, anxious, extreme sadness, stress relief, sleep help, pain relief, motivation, confidence building, public speaking, sports, performance or anything else that may be holding you back from having the life you dream of, contact us today: