Amino Acid Therapy

Amino Acid Therapy

Our brains have 4 neurotransmitters (NRS) that each have their own jobs:

  • Serotonin promotes a positive outlook, self-confidence, and sense of humor.

  • Catecholamines (Dopamine) promote alertness, energy, mental focus, drive and enthusiasm.

  • GABA promotes calmness, relaxation, stress tolerance.

  • Endorphins promote pain relief, pleasure, reward and loving feelings.

When a person suffers from symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, of any kind (drugs, alcohol, pornography, social media, gaming sugar, etc), low sleep, low energy, one or more of their NRS may have become depleted.

Supplementing with specific amino acids may give the brain exactly what it needs to raise neurotransmitters and help balance the brain. 

The specific amino acids are 5-HTP, L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine, GABA, DLPA, L-Glutamine. 

If you feel you or someone you love (age 5 years and older) may benefit from Amino Acids, please contact us today!

Amino Acid and Nutrition 1:1 Zoom Session

Instead of guessing what you need to feed your brain and body, take the guesswork out of it. Together, with the help of a specific extensive questionnaire, we’ll create a plan to guide you into optimal health.

$99.99 - 45-60 Minute Initial Assessment

plus two follow-ups two weeks apart.

Session Pricing

FREE 15 min Consultation. Call 801-643-3211  

Single Single Session: $149.99

  • 1st session last approximately 1.5 hours

Package (4 Sessions): $499.99 You'll receive the best results through 4 sessions which include:

  • Amino Acid Therapy,
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Hypnotherapy - to Balance the Brain
  • Nourish the Body and Release Negative thoughts and Emotions  

45-60 Minute Amino Acid Assessment Program $99.99

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