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Pro-Recovery/Nutrient Rich Diet

  • When it Comes to Mental Health, what you Eat Matters

  • Simple Ways to Tweak your Nutrition

  • When Your Brain is Fed and Your Nutrition is Tweaked, Weight Loss Simple

"What we eat literally fuels our brains, nervous systems, hormones, bones and much more. You might say that we are basically... "walking food." - Pati Reiss

When a person eats a high-sugar, high starch diet, sugar levels spike and then drop dramatically causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which is a huge cause in the relapse of addiction and mental health concerns. However, this doesn't just happen to addicts, many people skip meals and end up feeling irritable, shaky, stressed out, and craving sugar.

I teach clients to eat following simple, healthy guidelines that help flood the body with L-GLUTAMINE CRAVING BE GONE  the fuel source for all brain cells, creating a sense of stability, groundedness, and blood sugar balance.

You'll be amazed at how good you feel when your body gets the fuel it needs to function optimally!

Instead of guessing what you need to feed your brain and body, take the guesswork out of it. Together, with the help of a specific extensive questionnaire, we’ll create a plan to guide you into optimal health.

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