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Hypnosis is natural and scientifically proven.

Change Your Thoughts.

What you say to yourself is more


than what anyone else says to you!

  • Not Mind Control or Mind Reading

  • Helps with beliefs, false stories, emotions that no longer serve you

  • Success with Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Emotion Release, Negative Life Events, Confidence, Test Taking, Pain Reduction, Sports and Performance Improvement, Day Trading, etc.

  • “Taking the Scary Out of Hypnotherapy.”

  • Through deep relaxation (hypnosis), we can release the negative emotions tied to memories and begin building new stories that shape our lives in positive ways instead of replaying the same programs over & over.

    • Let Go of the Past

    • Stop Mind Chatter

    • Build Confidence

    • Pass Tests Easily

    • Get Over Fears

    • Change False Beliefs

    • Sports Performance

    • Reach Goals

    • Increase Talents

    • Weight Loss

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Public Speaking

    • Quit Smoking

    • Writer’s Block

    • & More

    • What is Hypnotherapy?

      The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia states: “Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which is portrayed by concentration that is focused, much like what is experienced when concentrating or daydreaming, when you are oblivious to all distractions. It concedes access to a subconscious mind which is highly suggestible and does this by quieting the conscious mind.

      A very powerful and effective process which uses therapeutic hypnosis, hypnotherapy can help you to reach your goals. No one is in control except for you, it is very safe and quite effective. With the guidance of the therapist, you are able to connect with  your own healing wisdom which is internal.

    • What is Hypnosis?

      The phenomenon known as hypnosis is a theory.  It is not a physical part of the body like the brain is.  It is like the mind, which is also a theory.

      Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that is a natural and familiar and is experienced by everyone on a daily basis, for example right before you fall asleep, while you sit entranced in front of the fireplace or while watching TV.

      Studies have found that "during hypnosis, there are electrical changes in the brain; Meaning, there is a difference between the brainwaves of a hypnotized person and the brain waves of a person who is that normal waking state. Although most people can be hypnotized, the ability will vary from person to person. There are various techniques, however most usually involve deep relaxation along with focusing of the mind.”

    • Common Misconceptions

      When people hear the term hypnosis, the county fair often comes to mind. They think of people that are standing or sitting around a stage where an individual claims to hypnotize people into doing the most outrageous things including seeing objects that are not there, or even believing that they are not wearing clothes any longer. Many people wonder if this is actually possible, or if you simply are seeing a sideshow act. A misconception is that it’s mind control or mind reading. “If I could have controlled anyone, I would have controlled my teenagers when they were growing up.” In reality, hypnotism is used by thousands of professionals everyday. You are in control! No one is in control except for you, it is very safe and quite effective. With the guidance of the therapist, you are able to connect with  your own healing wisdom which is internal.

    • Can Hypnotherapy Be Used for Weight Loss?

      Absolutely!! Hypnotherapy not only helps people with debilitating mental and physical conditions, but also helps with weight release. It can lead to outstanding weight release results and is something that you should definitely try.

    • Why are Hypnosis and the Mind Considered Theories? 

      Scientists and the everyday person can’t scientifically the mind and hypnosis as they can explain other body parts or phenomenas. --- Hypnosis is not a tangible thing, but one feels the effects of hypnosis as a part of the entire mind/body/spirit connection.

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    • Is Hypnosis Effective Over Zoom?

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