You're Going to Control My Mind

You're Going to Control My Mind

I got a text from my friend Happy World Hypnosis Day.

Who knew? I didn't. I would have celebrated.

When I was going to school seven years ago to become a Certified Hypnotherapist, my instructor earned us that people may look at us like a deer in the headlight or like we're the devil when we tell them we're Hypnotherapists.

I chuckled. There's no way. He was right. I’ve had people look at me like I'm going to control their minds or read their minds.

If I could control anyone's mind, I would have wanted to control my daughters when they were teenagers. If you have teenagers, you completely understand.

If I could read anyone's mind, I'd want to read my husband's... I think. All kidding aside, that's a lot of misinformation regarding hypnosis.

I love the power of hypnosis. I've seen amazing things happen when someone has that aha of why they've been sabotaging their lives. Or when they're able to let go of negative thoughts that have been holding them back.

"I'm taking the scary out of Hypnotherapy."

"I'm taking the NO out of hypnosis.