Didn't Anyone Ever Teach You "Don't Talk To Strangers?"

Didn't Anyone Ever Teach You "Don't Talk To Strangers?"

"Didn't anyone ever teach you about stranger danger?"

I went on an adventure.

I left late Monday night to catch a plane. I landed in St. Louis MO at 1 am. I hit the ground running. As I dragged my two suitcases through the airport to find a cab (which I never did find one), to a weird phone call to a transportation company that wanted to pick me up where a friend would pick me up, to finally getting an Uber who safely took me to my hotel, I knew this was going to be an eventful trip.

I woke up the next morning realizing I had forgotten my dress for the conference. This took me on a journey through St. Louis in the search of a dress. Although uneventful, I met several nice people who guided me to the mall where I found not one but two dresses. Two gentlemen happened to be on the Metro. One just happened to be wearing two large knives on his chest and one in his pocket. He was actually really nice. And, they both told me which stop to take to get to the mall.  

I know you're probably thinking "weren't you ever taught about stranger danger and not talking to strangers." Yes, I was and still am each time I leave on a trip. I get it. I am aware of my surroundings when I travel. I don't give out my personal information, nor go anywhere with them. However, I meet the most amazing people on my adventures.  

If I allow my imagination to take over, it is very capable of spiraling into the future into the crazy "What if" zone. You know that zone where your mind creates stories that feel so real, you actually believe they're going to happen.  I would live in fear. In fact, I probably wouldn't travel as I do.

And, if those things happened exactly as we imagined them, it would be terrible. 

Luckily, if I had you close your eyes and look back at your life time, and give me a percentage of how many of those "What if" stories that you've created actually come to pass exactly as you imagined them, the percentage would be very low, maybe even zero.

There's a lot of energy wasted on these stories. It's also where anxiety comes from. 

When you spiral into the past, that's where depression comes from. Those ruminating thoughts of what's happened in your past also don't serve you. It's a lot of wasted energy. 

Now I'm not downplaying what some people have gone through, as a Certified Hypnotherapist, I am aware that many have lived through unthinkable things. Can you change your past? NO - You can learn from your past, grow from your past, teach from your past, and have empathy for others who are going through similar experiences. Right - And you already survived whatever you went through because you're still here. 

But, again, can you change your past? No

 However, you can change the emotions that are attached to the past. It's not the memories that are causing you the problem, it's the emotional weight or baggage that you are carrying. 

What if I told you that you can let go of the emotions of your past and you can stop the "what if" stories and take back your life? Would you believe me?

The only place you have power, strength, confidence, joy, happiness, and peace is in the present moment. That's it. When you can let go of the past, stop spiraling into the future and keep your thoughts in the present moment, you will change your life.

 Is it that easy? Could be. Our minds are powerful. You could choose to just think differently and it would be. 

 However, this is where I come in. It could be that the chemicals in your brain aren't working correctly. The tale signs would be anxiety, depression, stress, and cravings for sugar, starches, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, or behaviors such as too much gaming, social media, or shopping (to name a few).

 If that's the case, feeding your brain-specific brain food aka Amino Acids could be your answer.  

It could be that you have past trauma that needs to be resolved.  Does your mind feel like it's running a broken software program?

If that's the case, Hypnotherapy could be your answer.

And, learning some simple tips to tweak your nutrition could make a huge difference.  

If you're not sure what this would look like for you, let's hop on a free 15-minute phone call together and visit on how this program could help you, and if I'm the right one to help you.

Life is a journey. I choose to live boldly. I want to continue to experience life. And, I want to help you experience the life you deserve too.

While in St. Louis, in my new dress, I attended a wonderful business conference where I met several new friends and introduced new people to how to take back their lives through amino acids, nutrition and hypnotherapy. It was AWESOME!

Oh btw, did I tell you I also forgot my credit card at the restaurant I ate at the night before I came home? Luckily, when I went to enter my sky miles (that are printed on my credit card) I realized I didn't have it. No panic, the next day I got to take another tour of St. Louis, go sit under the arch, have a glass of lemonade, go by the Cardinal's stadium, and go pick up my credit card before I flew home.

And, when I got to the airport, I was greeted by my husband, and two of the cutest little 6-year-olds and 5-year-olds who came running to me screaming "Grama!" There is nothing better than that!