Brain Chiro Meets Hypno Aminos Lady Podcast

It all started when…Dr. Seth Woolstenhulme and his wife, Jenn, were looking for a Certified Hypnotherapist they could refer their clients to. Shelly Jo Wahlstrom was looking for someone who specialized in Functional Neurology to give her more information on how amino acids affected the bran.


Let’s add some craziness to this. The day before Shelly met Jenn, she had been talking to her sister, Alaina, about the new Functional Neurology Chiropractor Alaina had just contracted to be the specialist in her business, MiCare. And, you guessed it, it was Dr. Seth. Shelly and Jenn met at a networking meeting the very next day. It was like magic. Dr. Seth started referring his clients to Shelly, and Shelly became one of his patients. Together, they knew they each had a different perspective on the brain, body, and thought connection. Brain Chiro meets Hypno Amino Lady was created to give you two perspectives, one from the medical perspective (aka Dr. Seth) and the emotional, nutritional and thought perspective (aka Shelly Jo). Each video is less than 10 minutes long so we won’t hold your time hostage. We Promise! Click on the link below. Watch, learn, subscribe and share!

Show Notes

Neurotransmitters are in charge of your happy, calm, positive, feel good chemicals. When they stop firing, anxiety, depression, stress, cravings, addiction, weight gain, lack of energy, and sleep become real. Amino Acid Therapy helps feed your brain with specific amino acids that help raise and balance the neurotransmitters.


What are Neurotransmitters in Your Brain? Why Amino Acids?

Rise and Shine it's Hypno Time Podcast

Tune in to today’s episode of the Rise and Shine it's Hypno Time Podcast, where we interview Shelly Jo Spinden Wahlstrom, CHT. Shelly Jo shares her story about her daughter’s struggle with addiction, and how it inspired her journey to find a natural way to overcome it. We discuss how she uses amino acids, nutrition, and hypnotherapy to overcome addiction and insomnia, the different amino acids and how they are beneficial, the importance of finding balance, and more!

Shelly Jo Wahlstrom, “The Amino Acid Lady & Hypnotherapist,” is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist and Mental Health Nutrition Coach, as well as an Amino Acid Specialist. She is the owner of Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos Nutrition, and is the author of, “Feed Your Brain Change Your Life - Take Control of Your Brain, Body, and Emotions.”

Not only that, she is a presenter, a Basic Amino Acid and Nutrition Trainer, and is on the Alliance for Addiction Solutions Board of Directors. She works with children to adults balance brain and body health, self-esteem, weight, thoughts, and emotions. Connect with Shelly by visiting

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Welcome to the Brain Chiro Meets Hypno Amino Lady Podcast

In this episode we share who we are and our stories.



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FEED YOUR BRAIN CHANGE YOUR LIFE . Take Control of You Brain, Body, and Emotions

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