The Best Part Of Hypnotherapy

The Best Part Of Hypnotherapy

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Best part about utilizing hypnotherapy to reach your goals...?

It works!

The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia states: “Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which is portrayed by concentration that is focused, much like what is experienced when concentrating or daydreaming, when you are oblivious to all distractions. It concedes access to a subconscious mind which is highly suggestible and does this by quieting the conscious mind.

I love working with clients to release negative thoughts and stories that are holding them back.  I can even do sessions over virtually.  Clients usually have their eyes closed anyway; so as long as you're comfortable and no distractions hypnotherapy can help you.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to hypnotherapy. A lot of times the misconceptions keep people from getting the healing that they need to take themselves to the next level of success or get past trauma. What you say to yourself is more POWERFUL than what anyone else says to you! Through deep relaxation (hypnosis), we can release the negative emotions tied to memories and begin building new stories that shape our lives in positive ways instead of replaying the same programs over & over.

Hypnotherapy works by facilitating the 'isolation' of a subject's thoughts. Most distractions keep us from truly knowing and exploring ourselves. Distractions, while necessary for our survival, unfortunately inhibit us from exploring our consciousness. Hypnotherapy is a way of consciously doing away with the things our minds normally distract us with. Hypnotherapy gently coaxes a subject into a place of undistracted thinking. The mind has difficulty focusing on many things at once, which happens constantly in daily life. Hypnotherapy counteracts this by encouraging the subject to focus on one thing at a time.

The biggest question in hypnotherapy should be: What can’t you use it for? 

Hypnotherapy is employed for a wide range of issues, from chronic pain, to anxiety, and weight loss. Stress, depression, sleep issues and trauma are a few other conditions where hypnotherapy may be applied. Unlike certain medications, there are virtually zero side effects to hypnotherapy, so there’s little downside to trying it for whatever ails you.

Not sure if hypnotherapy is for you? No problem. 

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